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A&A Expansions Page by Brennus

Okay, here's the start of my A&A Expansions Page. I thought I'd put up some info and scans of expansions I haven't seen anywhere else. Feedback would be appreciated.

This is a scan of Turkey from Mid-East Combat. This is one of better expansions you can get. Neutral countries can be conquered without penalty, have ipc values and have defensive units printed on them. Although it has some interesting new aspects, its still simple and easy to learn right away (unlike some XENO games). Its worth the price of 20 or so dollars to pick up. I like it a lot.

Central Powers is an expansion set of 200 high quality new plastic playing pieces. There's artillery, Mk. II Tanks, machine guns, halftracks, destroyers and cruisers. The ships are a great addition to the limited choices of original game, and my favorite unit is the half-tracks, they cost 4, move 2, attack/defend at 2 and can come in handy. Add which ever units you want to your regular games. Here's a german half-track:

Here's an infantry from WORLD AT WAR and also from Europe At War. Xeno's units are all the same in that they are basically less detailed and a tad smaller than A&As units. The infantry are the same for every country except differant colors. They're not up to par with Central Powers and A&A pieces, but they get the job done nicely.

--I have three differant versions of World At War Map, so I did a small scan of two for you to check out (the two are the same but differant sizes).

For more info on these and more expansions as well as links check out: