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Sorry this is so huge. I will have to shrink it later. This one shows how cool just adding shields can be. These guys are so much cooler as swordsmen rather than just pikemen.

I made this knight by sizing up my scan of the stickersheet from the Castle Town Square set #1592. I used the arms from a Knight's Procession guy (only other set with light grey arms) and pieced together other parts from my collection. Then I cut out the decals I printed and used a gluestick to paste on torso and glued shield decal over the top of a Fright Knights shield. I think it turned out pretty cool. You'd be lucky to ever find these original guys and if you did would have to pay $$$$! I sent the stickersheet to a page that posts them, the link is on main page.

This is a torso K.P. came up with, I thought it was really good and put it on a minifig right away.

This is one of my ideas for expanding the original sets. I would like to do it with a light grey helmet but they are just too rare. I will be making a shield for it next.