Here's building instructions in original wording;

Cut out each piece along the solid lines, then using the back of your scissors and a ruler score along the dashed lines. Finally fold and glue each section in the order listed below.

1. Cut out the base and score the dashed lines on the A tabs, then fold these tabs down.
2. Cut and score the strip forming the base skirt. Then starting with the small link tab 12, glue each A section to the appropriate A section on the base working backwards from A11 through A1.

3. After cutting it out and scoring it, fold all the "2" tabs on panel C1 down and glue the edges marked "2" to these. Do the same with the "3" tabs on the other side. This brings edge B6 over tab B6. Glue these together and the body is formed.
4. Now slot the body "lugs" into the positioning slots in the base, gluing tabs B1-B5 to the positions marked.

5. This part is tricky. Carefully cut and score it, then fold the glue tabs of panel C1 up those of E1 down. The side with tab D on it is then wrapped around panel C1 gluing as you go-BUT MAKE SURE THAT C1 IS GLUED 2mm UP FROM D's BOTTOM EDGE, that is-level with the dot-dash line, so that this edge has a 2mm overhang. Now glue the top edge flush with panel E1. Repeat this with side D1 and when D1 is over D glue these together.

6. Cut out the neck strip with its 8 slots and glue edge F1 to tab F1. Then cut out the neck rings (F,G,H) remembering to split the G ang H rings at G1 and H1.
7. Now cut out the head, making straight score lines where shown, and cutting curved edges on each alternate segment. Discard the shaded bits on the glue tabs. Now make the head into a dome by bowing the panels down so that the glue tabs on the straight (scored) panels slide under the curved edges of their neighbors. When the score is bowed enough to exactly match the curved edge of its neighbors-glue the panels together in that position. Work your way around the head gluing two panels at a time.
8. Now glue the neck to the head by using the square glue tabs on the neck. (Make sure the head sits levelly on the neck.) Next slip the G and H rings nto these slots on the neck, then place a blob of glue onto each of the rounded F tabs and slip these into these slots in the bottom neck ring (E1). Now fold these over so they glue flat onto the underside of E1.
9.Now the head and neck can be glued to the shoulders E1 to E1 (theI1 slot should face forwards), and then the shoulders to the body C1 to C1.

10. Cut out and fold the two halves of the eye together (I to I1) and glue this in the I1 slot to the head.

11. The gun is in two pieces. Cut out the shaded centre slot in piece J1 and slip the notched piece into this. The J1 tab is then folded along the crease and is glued into the J1 slot in the shoulders.

12. The arm can be strengthened by gluing the two halves around a matchstick as shown in the diagram (never was a diagram-webmaster). Like the gun, the K1 tab is folded and glued into the K1 slot in the shoulders.

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