[Tell the tree-huggin Thals we'll give 'em food, hehehe]

Thanks a lot to David Furley and his Dad for making and sending a pic of their Easter Dalek! Here is a second pic.

[In the future you can have special green brain effects with this as well]

For those who are new, this is where to get the plans for making your own action figure scale Dalek. A collectible you make yourself for your own collection. When I was in grade school I truly thought the book I found it in, TERRY NATION'S DALEK SPECIAL a treasure. I set about making my own Dalek Army with glue, vanilla folders (glueing pattern on them for sturdiness), scissors and markers (and maybe an exacto knife). I have thought of coloring in a pattern using a computer draw program but haven't finished on yet. If you do this I'd love to see it, and post here if you don't mind. Please send any pics of Daleks you have made, like Toby did on his excellant first attempt:

[I can't believe how much better this is than my first attempt!]

You can change things around and make any dalek you want, like this one from the late '80s.

[Some say these Daleks are immortal]

Here's one from "Death To The Daleks":

[You've probably seen this one in flames on Exxilon before]

You can color them however you want also, like this one from the movie; "Doctor Who and The Daleks":

[The Peter Cushing Dalek from the first movie]

To have a super sturdy dalek, glue the pattern to a vanilla folder before you cut out the pieces.

Instructions are here!
Here's pattern for classic mid-section.
Here's a scan of a picture of an older pattern thats kind of interesting.

Dalek gun firing.

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Theta-G made this dalek by projecting plans onto a wall with an opaque projector and traced them onto corrugated cardboard.

Here's some other good dalek sites:

Let me know what you'd like to see added to this page and if you can add something. One thing everyone should check out is the Doctor Who section at eBay, there is some great stuff there. Go to collectibles, then sci-fi, then Doctor Who!

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